RetireAware offers an array of services for retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries. These include:

Conflict of Interest Audit (COI)
The RetireAware Conflict of Interest (COI) Audit provides an independent outside review focused on identifying and ameliorating conflict of interest service structures in employer-sponsored retirement plans.
Annual Provider Monitor
RetireAware’s annual provider monitor gives plan sponsors and fiduciaries the ability to monitor and enforce provider adherence to representations about the provider plan participant service model and includes analysis of plan distributions.
Impact Analysis 
RetireAware can provide a customized plan impact analysis of the total cost of conflicted service structures, enabling plan sponsors and fiduciaries an in-depth understanding of how direct and indirect compensation models impact the plan and participants.
Educational Services
Education services, reviews, seminars, workshops, tutoring, and mentoring related to retirement planning and retirement plans. 
Consulting and Special Projects
RetireAware’s consulting resources can support a variety of vendor-management and plan governance initiatives.

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